Monday, February 11, 2013

A finish - Baby Henry's Quilt

Yay - this was a fun project!  Josh's cousins had their second child - a boy - in October and when I heard they were expecting, off I went to find a quilt to make for them.  Then, Melissa Corry blogged about her Snuggly Squares II baby quilt.  I knew it was the pattern I wanted to try for this baby quilt.  I scrounged around on the web and found a (very hard to find) Lily & Will II layer cake at Christa Quilts!.  I ordered it and when it got here, I was soooo excited.  So excited, it sat. And sat.  And sat.
Then, when I got to it, the cutting and piecing went really fast.  Then, it sat again.  When it is nice outside, I usually stay at home, go hiking, take the dogs to the river, ride my motorcycle.  So, the quilt top sat on the bed in the guest bedroom for months.  Molly was nice enough to sneak into the room when I could catch her and hold down the quilt top for me.  Sweet child...
Before I finally got to Tigard to use the Gammill, I sketched out what I wanted to do - bunnies, flowers and vines, to mimic the fabric patterns.  I found a bunny outline at Pixabella and sketched them in the centers of the single-piece blocks. 
The flowers went into the pieced-center blocks.
The vines went around the outside of each block and around the border of the quilt.
It went on the machine really easily - normally my lines are crooked as sin!
If I didn't live alone I would think someone else sewed the top for me ;o)
After I took it home, bound it and washed it, I took it over to my MIL's and asked for her to take some photos for me.  The quilting shows up pretty well on the back, but it doesn't photograph very well in the sun.
The front turned out great and Liz's photography made it look even better!
I loved working on this quilt and working on my skills with it.  I hope Baby Henry loves it just as much!
woof woof meow


  1. Awesome job Meg.

    Love the colors and design. I am sure baby Henry will love it and it will be his go to snuggly woobie for years to come.

  2. Love the buddies, baby Henry will love it. You did a great job, even if it sat for awhile.

  3. Love it and I'm sure it will be really appreciated.

  4. Great quilt and I love the quilting designs you chose well done