Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rooster Rock Trail #3399

Wow.  Rooster Rock was a brutal hike!  We went Sunday morning and yeah, it was brutal.  It is a 4.2 round-trip hike with 2,267 feet in elevation gain.  The first 0.9 miles is a "gradual" rise, but the last 1.2 is up, up, up.  This is a photo-heavy post, the hike was brutal and beautiful.  See?

Annie headed up Roster Rock Trail #3399

"Flat land" - the gradual 0.9 miles
Dry streambed near the trailhead
Trail looking back towards the flat land.
Trail looking up away from the flat land.  Can you see Josh?
Huckleberries were everywhere!!! Not quite ripe though.
Trees, trees, trees.  View looking down the side of the trail.
Trees and ferns - view looking up the side of the trail.
Small viewpoint - can you see the Santiam River wayyyy down there?
The Rooster Rock.
View from top of trail.  Rooster Rock is off the picture to the right.
Annie at the top, trying not to trip over her tongue and tumble down the hill.
Josh and the girls - the tongues!!!
Me and the Annie Bug.
Another view from the top.
Trail headed back down - steeper than it looks!
Another view of the trail headed back down.  So much variety in scenery!
We spotted 3-4 of these old telegraph line insulators along the trail up in the trees.
At the intersection of Trout Creek Trail #3405 on the way down.  Annie laid down every time we stopped.
Back in the flat land.  Like a fairy land!
Small meadow on the side of the trail in the flat land.
  So cool huh?  Yeah, felt like someone kicked me all 4.2 miles the next couple of days, but I am very proud of myself and happy to have made it to the top!


  1. That's quite a climb. There no way I'll be taking that hike so I'll just enjoy your beautiful photos. The dogs look tired and happy!

  2. Great job Meg. And so you should be proud.

    One of these weekend when your hubby is home and mine isn't teaching we need to go for a hike. Would be fun to go and pack a lunch.

    Oh and great pictures. I like the one that looks like fairyland.