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Quilt Challenge 2010 - the quilt

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Another baby quilt
Mom and I picked out this pattern when I was down last and we had to go with the monkeys, her calling me "Monkey" and all :o).  I liked working with this pattern and have picked out other focus fabrics for this pattern and other quilts.  Don't know who is going to get this one, it may just stay in my stash until I have a little Monkey to give it to.

Mom's first crack at colors and patterns
When Mom came up at Easter she really got into the quilting spirit and wanted to pick out a quilt for Gene.  So, we found a pattern and picked out the fabrics for it.  The quilt pattern is a fat-quarter pattern and really went together easily.  It looks more complicated than it is and I think Mom did a great job picking the colors for her first time!

My first baby quilt
When Josh and I found out his cousin Grant and his wife Katie were expecting, we decided to try our hand at baby quilts.  I asked Josh to help me pick out the pattern and to pick out the colors for the quilt.  I would piece, quilt and bind the blanket.  I tried to work slowly and make the seams and corners as straight and matching as I could.  It actually turned out really well and I am making progress with the seams.

I decided to use this quilt as a guinea pig when I quilt and used a pantograph with Diane's Gamill longarm.  It was a little bit of a pain to get the hang of but Diane taught me to look ahead of my laser on the pattern and things would come out better.  So, by the end of the quilt the stars looked like stars and not starfish and the pattern was more uniform.  I could have chosen a different thread for the top - I chose a varigated blue and I am not super happy with the results - I think it turned out to loud.  All in all it took a boy-ish turn but I think Charity will use it nonetheless.

This is a wallhanging I am putting together for the Pheasants Forever banquet at the end of the month.  It is a pattern I found in a pile of books Liz asked if I wanted.  I went straight for the paper piecing and found several things I am interested in.  There are two main elements, the picture of the goose and the border. 

Here is the picture of the goose.  It is a little off in two spots, but the goose is correct and that is what mattered most to me this time.  I haven't even started on the borders yet.
The borders will come in the next couple of days, hopefully before Mom gets here.