Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wicked Punkin Cats

Hi hi!  Welcome to my day on the Wicked Blog Hop!  Thanks for hopping with us today!!!  First, I want to say thank you, thank you, to the most Wickedest Wendy from Why Knot Kwilt and Mdm Samm from Sew We Quilt for putting this blog hop together AGAIN!  You two ladies, as usual, rock!!!!
And here are the other bloggers I am sharing the day with, make sure you stop by their Wicked places and check out their scary-cool stuff!
AnnieOak Designs  (you are here!)
Last year, I really went all out - I had a lot of fun and played with my Juki and FMQ skills.  I still haven't seen Wicked or managed to read any of the related books, but maybe someday.  I AM still on cloud nine that they released The Wizard of Oz on blue ray though, I can finally see Judy Garland in HD - swoon ;)
This year, I went simpler and made something for myself - a little mug rug.  I got the idea from Martha (who I'm sharing today with over at Quilt to the Edge) when she put Carol Doak's free pattern in our Guild newsletter.  I've had this printed for a while, but when she put it in our newsletter for a little fun thing for members, I knew it would be for this hop!
The cutting directions were super easy and when I went to put the pieces on the paper and start sewing, I got a little concerned that there was going to be a lot of waste.  I hate waste.  Especially with my paper piecing - I'm very particular about my paper piecing.  But, I did what the directions said and it works - I needed the bigger pieces because the pieces of the pattern were so small.  If I had cut the fabric that small I would have been cursing up a storm and then I really would have been wicked. 
I put three of the little punkin cats together and then cut the rest of the scraps up for some filler around them to make a bigger mug rug.  Each punkin cat finishes at 3" x 3" so I needed to make it a little bigger!  Do  you like them?  They're all basted and half quilted on my machine, I just needed to get back to the computer and get them out to you before I was turned into a pumpkin myself!  Thanks for visiting and don't forget to visit everyone else and share the bloggy love!
Here's a little sandy O for ya!
woof woof moew!