Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Genesis Day Two

UPDATE FROM TOM:  They took out 3 trailer-loads of rocks (that little pile was the leftovers) and about 7 yards of material total from the backyard (dirt, rocks and weeds).  They also plan on finishing by the end of the week!  Gonna have to get on the horn to the Father-In-Law...

Genesis was busy again today!  They are almost done with the trenching and have begun laying the lines.  Annie had to inspect things and I think she approves. 
They trenched along the patio - which probably was a lot of work since I don't know that they could use the trencher that close to the cement. 
Then they trenched out into the yard and ran a parallel trench along the back fence.  They had to move the rock pile a bit - it was right where they are putting the drainage for the patio gutter. 
They finished trenching along the sidewalk - another yuck job with all the hand digging. 
The control box looks like a puzzle -
I can't wait to start them up!!!

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  1. Wow 7 yards of crap to remove. Just think how nice and level and green your grass is going to be.