Thursday, June 21, 2012

Genesis Day Three, a New Toy and a Surprise!!!

Tom called this evening and said they won't be done tomorrow - gotta wait for a part to fix this: 
The yard tore his Dingo up! 

They've finished laying the line and covered the trenches up. 
The South side is unfinished still - they've got to finish the drainage, but that will have to wait until the Dingo gets fixed. 

The line along the sidewalk is all finished and covered up. 
The boxes are all put together, filled in and covered back up.  Can't wait until tomorrow!
The new toy is this trailer. 
I drove down to Springfield to get it tonight - Josh found it on Craig's List (thank you Troubador) and bought it with his Mom and Dad.  It is now holding down the driveway until we get the sod in so I can use it to get bark dust.

The surprise is this...
it came for Josh today...
A sampler of baby formula and a booklet on "The Art of Feeding".  I think there is something he isn't telling me...especially syince he his getting parenting magazines delivered to his parents' place in Beaverton.  o_O

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  1. Bummer the dingo broke. The trailer looks good. Just think how much use you will get out of it.

    And the surprise......ummmm congratulations?