Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Genesis Landscaping started work on the backyard today!  From what I can see, they did their "level" best to level the backyard.   
They left their equipment in the back so they can get started right away in the morning. 
They also made a little pile of rocks - which I expect to get bigger because Josh and I have made a pile bigger than that when we were putting the dog kennel in. 
They also dug out the control boxes on the side of the house. 
They started trenching into the backyard too - didn't make it very far and it will probably be pretty slow along there since they have to trench it by hand that close to the sidewalk.
More to come as things progress!


  1. Sweet. Will look different every day when you get home from work.

    I remember when we leveled our back yard in Lebanon and we took so many wheelbarrows of rocks out of it we lost count. Not sure what they used for fill, but man was it rocky.

  2. Looking good, I wish we had the water pressure for underground irrigation, you are a lucky girl.