Monday, June 10, 2013

Precious' Pet Quilt

Hi hi!  I have a finish for you.  Back in February Oregon State University participated in the State of Oregon Food Drive.  In the Graduate School, we held a "Prettiest Pet Contest" and invited folks from all over campus to enter a picture of their pet that would then be voted on by the OSU community - each entry and vote required a donation of food or cash.  For the top vote-getter (pet whose picture raised the most donation value) we offered a small prize pack of a gift card to a local pet store and a custom pet quilt from AnnieOak Designs.  When the winner was announced her owner and I got together and talked about her and her personality.  Here is what I came up with for Precious:
Precious is a big fluffy grey Chow girl who loves purple, so I went with the purple and grey dot focus fabric and used a matching dark and light grey and light purple with my "Kandy" pattern since she is a big pup.  I used the dark grey for the back and binding and quilted with a light and dark purple.
To really make it her quilt I put in a little "P" for Precious on it - every girls likes monogrammed swag right?!?!
Then I added some paw prints for her.  In the "P" and the paw prints I did a pebbled quilting to give it a little texture and to match what paws really feel like.
I love the back - you can really see the quilting (with flannel you tend to lose a lot of quilting once it is washed so I focus on the colors and pattern on the front with these pet quilt patterns).  I used a light grey for my bottom line so it popped out on the back.
When I started to think about the quilting for this pet quilt, I knew it was a project I wanted to use Christa's FMQ tutorial for her flower motif.  It was fun once I got the hang of it :o)  I definitely need to get me one of those lovely Supreme Sliders for my Juki, FMQ is a little bit of a chore.  The flowers were fun to do!
The pebbling turned out just as fun on the back as the front!
Here are the paws and flowers - fun fun!
So, I am off to take this to work and hopefully will have a picture of Precious and her quilt to post soon!
Here's a little bit of pup love - O enjoying a good stretch.
woof woof meow!


  1. Very pretty. Precious and her owner will be very pleased.

    Great shot of Oakleigh. That stretch must feel so good.

  2. Very cute quilt!!!! I would love to see a photo of Precious with her quilt!!!!???