Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tina & Gabi's Day and Night

Hi hi!  This post is long overdue…Tina and Gabi got their quilts a while ago, I’ve just been slow getting the pictures in a post and up on the blog.
Backstory:  I worked with Tina and when she was sent off for her job, I wanted to make her and her daughter matching quilts so that they would have a little piece of each other while Tina was gone.  Yeah, that didn’t happen before she got home.  At first it sat cut in strips.  Then it sat sewed into strips and cut into pieces.  Then it sat sewn in half the blocks.  Then it sat in all the blocks.  Then, they both got put together, on the Gammill and off to them all in the space of a few weeks.  It did all the previous sitting over about 14 months!
Pictures, pictures, pictures.  This is a pretty picture heavy post from here on out.  And, of course if I took pictures of the fabrics, I can’t find them.  So, we’ll start out with pictures of the blocks instead.  I used Eleanor Burns’ “Day and Night” pattern for both quilts.

Gabi's quilt has two colors, light pink and black.  Tina's has three: light pink, dark pink and black.

Here are the two blocks together.

Gabi's top with Tina's block in it.

Tina's top with Gabi's block in it.

The backing.  A pink flannel that screamed girlie girl on it.  Not sure about the "owl" on it though.

Tina's quilt loaded on the Gammill.

The quilting detail on Tina's quilt: loopy hearts.

More quilting detail on Tina's quilt with both blocks.

Gabi's quilting detail: loopier hearts.

More quilting detail on Gabi's quilt with both blocks.

Gabi's quilt finished!

Tina's quilt finished!

Oakleigh trying to help with the binding:  "You finished yet?!?!"

Annie in front of Tina's finished quilt:  "You're finished now Mom!"

woof woof meow!


  1. I love these! I have to find that pattern! :)

  2. WOW!!! Megan, these quilts are fabulous and what a great idea for matching quilts!!! I love that each has one of the others blocks, ingenious!! Great idea :-)

  3. I don't know how I missed this last post but wanted to say how cool the quilts were. I am sure they don't mind at all how long they took as they will have them to treasure forever.