Sunday, April 28, 2013

Covert Robin - What I Got & What I Sent

Hi hi!  I hope April has been a good month for you :o)  It certainly has been quick for me!  A couple of months ago I signed up for the Covert Robin: A Mystery Gift Exchange over at imagine gnats.  you get the name and contact info of another person and have time to stalk them, figure out what gifty you're going to make them, then send it to them.  Someone else has your name as well, so you get to stalk your mail carrier too!
I'll start out with what I got.  Kim was the one who got my name and she stalked me (and the girls) well! 
She sent a box full of goodies that included a new tote with the cutest embroidery ever,
a stack of fat quarters (gonna use them in one of my table runner designs), a zippered pouch for my rotary cutting supplies (and a new blade!) and lastly - but probably most importantly to the girls, a little sack of treats for Annie & Oakleigh.
They're all too cute and very thoughtful - I loved this swap!
Next is what I sent.  The name I got was Heidi's.  She had just started her blog so I had a bit of an anxiety attack when I went to stalk her, but her blog told me all I needed!  First, it is pink.  Second, she mentions starting her own business.  Two things I can work with!  What new aspiring business owners have is a lot of stuff to carry around so, out came Amy Butler's Nappy Bag pattern that I absolutely LOVE.  I headed over to the LQS in Corvallis and found these yummy fabrics. 
Off to the races I went! 
When I made this bag for myself I didn't add all the pockets that there are in the pattern and ever since I have wished I did, so no pocket scrimping for this one (plus, she needs all the pockets she can get with a new business!). 
Off it went and I anxiously waited for Heidi to get back from her work travels and get her gift!
I had a blast doing the swap and meeting both Kim and Heidi - two more great bloggers!  Thanks ladies, for participating!
Here's what I am looking at, so I am off for a snuggle.
woof woof meow!


  1. Awesome. Nice looking tote you made. Pretty pink fabrics.

    Hi Oakleigh!!

  2. I'm glad you and the "girls" liked everything !!! I'm very excited to see your table runner design!! Love the fabric you made the tote in too..
    xx Kim

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Love the bag and the fabrics you used!!!

  4. such a lovely bag.xx