Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mystery Solved! and some peaches and Tetris

We have solved a mystery and I am totally heartbroken!  But I'll save that for later.
Mom arrived this afternoon with Boo and Linda.  She brought a flat of strawberries and some pints of huge black berries.  And this: 
(the can is for reference on how big the basket is)
A HUGE basket full of peaches from her tree!  The close-up is the best :o)
I've also gotten the fabric together and cut for the Tetris Quilt-A-Long that I am participating in with Melissa over at Happy Quilting.
I love these colors and instead of a white fabric, I came up on this black fabric covered with all these multi-colored animal cut-outs. 
Cute huh?  I think I know a little girl that is going to need a "Welcome to Oregon" Quilt.
And on to the mystery.  Earlier, in this post, I had posted that one of the girls was being a cucumber theif.  I could have sworn until I was blue in the face that it was O.  Then I saw this:
Annie!  You're killing me!  My perfect child is a cucumber monster!  I can't even look at her - it was a great looking cucumber too.  Brat.

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