Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sod is Down!!!

Since Tom finished Monday evening, I called and had sod delivered on Tuesday.  1,000 square feet from Oregon Turf and Tree.  That is 100 rolls! 
The backyard was ready, they had smoothed out the top soil and I marked off the edges with straight lines. 
I carted 5 rolls back at a time and started along the patio.  There were about 10 rolls per length of the backyard, here's what almost two rows look like.  I used the plywood to step on walk around on so I wouldn't divet the moist topsoil or the sod. 
Here's 500 square feet.  So pretty!  By then the top soil had dried out enough and I had gotten my technique down so I didn't need the plywood "lily pads" any more. 
The sod is down!  I used almost 900 square feet of the sod. 
Liz showed up and helped out too - I had the kinks worked out of the system so she stepped in and un-rolled and matched edges while I carted in the rolls.  We knocked it out!  Thanks Liz!!! 
The sprinklers run great - had to run them to water as soon as I got the sod down since it managed to not rain all afternoon.  Figures. 
And, I couldn't resist taking this photo of our supervisor: Molly. 

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  1. Looks awesome. I can't believe how quick you got it down.

    Good thing Molly was supervising. Such a task master.