Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bark Dust is Going Down...

Liz picked up a yard and a half of bark dust when she came to help with the sod.  I spread that out over lawn cloth tonight.  It took almost the whole roll to cover the three sides that we are planning to eventually put stone raised beds.  Then I started the farthest away from the gate and started laying it on thick.  In some of the pre- photos, you might be able to see that the yard slopes back towards the fence away from the lawn on all three sides. 
So, I have to lay it thick to bring it up the the level of the lawn.  Hope the dogs poop and pee in that!  You can see in the South-facing picture the two burns spots I have already.  Mutts. 
I'll pull it way from the bottom of the fence when I get it all down - eventually there will be a stone pathway along the edge of the fence all along the perimeter.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good. You are making me feel lazy with all that yard work you have been doing.

    It will really be a stunner when you get those raised beds in. Good job girl.