Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Garden Update and Some Furry Photos

I was gone all day yesterday so the girls spent the day with Grandma Liz, which they love.  They lazed today while I sewed a little wallet, cooked up a vegetarian chili and cowboy casserole and putzed in the garden.  Here are some photos of them and the garden.
First tomato of the season!  Yellow Taxi
Second tomatoes of the season.  Sweet Pea Currant 
Second cucumber...the first mysteriously disappeared at this size 
Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Patty Pans 
Molly cat - chillin on the patio in the camp chair by the door
Oakleigh sunnin with her "stick" Grandma Liz got her at Costco 
Annie in the backyard inspectin'.  (this was earlier this week, but she managed to hide from the camera all day and I couldn't leave The Bug out!) 


  1. Garden is looking good, but that can't be Oakleigh - she is laying down. I didn't think she ever stopped. :-)

    1. She only lies down when you aren't looking. Caught her tho!

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  3. Cute photos of your furbabies! I love the one of Oakleigh. She looks a little surprised.

    A mystery! Who took the cucumber? Do you have squirrels and do they eat cucumbers? Maybe they are watching their girlish figure! LOL!