Friday, April 9, 2010

Sue's Back!

Well, she has slowed down enough to do another giveaway. Sue and Wayne (her DH) are family friends and have an online quilt shop, While Liz, Nancy and Diane have all had influences on my interest in quilting, Sue really made it accessible simply because she let me sit at her booth and was available for questions.
I started this blog for several reasons, but Sue's blog has shown me what I can do with it. Thanks Sue!
Here is a photo of the first quilt I ever finished that Sue had a huge hand in....I sat in front of a sample of this quilt during the Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild Quilt Show. Sue has the pattern, "Celebration" by Marilyn Foreman for Quilt Moments ( By the end of the show, I had to have it so I could make it for my mom. She cried when she got it in the mail. Hee hee. Love you Mom.

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  1. Garsh!!! You're so sweet, Megan. And you did SUCH a wonderful job on the quilt! When you showed me the top, it certainly didn't look like the work of a "newbie". I can't wait to see what your next quilt looks like!