Monday, April 12, 2010

The begining of the end....of the pile!!!

When we moved to our home in 2007, three years ago, none of the homes in the subdivision behind us had been completed and there was a huge pile of dirt where a home now sits. When they started moving the dirt to build on those lots, we had the back hoe operator dump a large amount of dirt on our backyard - we had seen how the water sat in our neighbor's yard and wanted to raise our yard level to make sure we didn't get a lake during the rainy season.
When Josh's Granny passed, Liz and Nancy asked Josh to get an old family tractor running again. The tractor was moved up from McKinnleyville to our backyard and sat there for two years. Molly enjoyed it - it was a great perch!
Liz recently purchased a small tractor that has a front scoop and rear blade that actually runs reliably!!! Liz and Rick brought the new tractor down to our house and took the older one up to Beaverton. Sunday, Josh worked in the backyard and 3 hours later the pile was gone!
The first scoop was fun to see happen, he was having a great time and was really excited to get it taken care of.
You can kind of see his happy face when he dropped his first bucket of dirt. Silly boy.

With the first half of the pile spread out, the middle of the pile really signalled that we were getting it done! Three years and we were finally getting the dirt dealt with.
He was almost done and we were both pretty excited.
Now, the entire backyard is one mud pit! YAY!!! As sad as it sounds, we are really glad to have the mud pit.
Next month it is on to concrete work and putting in the patio, dog pad and walkway along side the south side of the house.

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