Monday, March 8, 2010

I finished another quilt!

So I took a class at Callapooya Quilts ( in Brownsville two weekends ago just for fun. I had never taken a class and wanted to see what I could learn/get out of one. The teacher, Judy Clay, was awesome! The shop is great, a great big room with high ceilings and wood floors. They have several "shop dogs" so I didn't feel any qualms about bringing Annie and she was a very good girl. Marty, the shop owner even said she was a delight to have in the shop. *this is me dancing*

Anyways, the quilt we made is from a book called Turning Twenty Around the Block ( and is made from twenty fat quarters - too easy! I talked a co-worker and her mom into taking the class with me and we had a really good time. Nichole had never made a quilt before but knew how to sew so I was confident that her quilt would turn out. So between the three of us, Nichole was in good hands. Judy was a great teacher and very patient with all of us - everyone is different and has different styles of working so anyone who can work with all those different styles is good in my book. So after four hours of cutting, the first class was over and we had homework to do! Mary and I put together most of our blocks, actually Mary finished her quilt so she was able to help Nichole with putting her quilt top together. The second class was all about putting the top together and I got all my blocks together. When I got home I put the borders on and was ready to quilt it!

Friday night when we went to Beaverton, I stayed at Tom and Diane's and quilted my quilt on her Gammil longarm. It takes a lot out of you but I think I am comfortable enough to start quilting designs now, I plan on starting this with a foundation pieced wall hanging I am donating to the Owen Denny Chapter of Pheasants Forever ( Our breeder is a member and sponsor of this years banquet and asked me to donate something. I made her a wall hanging when we got Oakleigh from her.

Anyways, back to the Turning Twenty quilt. I had a lot of fun doing this quilt and I think I am going to do it again, it was super easy and I had some ideas for new color combos. I am going to donate the quilt to our Lebanon Altrusa Scholarship Fundraiser in April as a silent auction item. I hope the $50 reserve price doesn't price it out of the auction though. Here is to another good quilt! I am excited and hope it does well :o)

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