Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I've Been Up To...

Hi hi!  When it gets hot outside, it gets hot in my sewing room - no matter that the AC is on.  Plus, when it is hot, it isn't raining so in Oregon, you don't stay in much.  I know I haven't.  I dumped my iPhone pictures and have a picture heavy post for you to catch you up on what I have been up to (mostly).  Warning: these are phone photos so they aren't the clearest.
Put in the irrigation for 9 raised beds and 4 half barrels.
Put together two Lifetime Adirondack chairs for the patio.
Molly helped.
Put together an applique I found at Marbled Arts.
Finished piecing the center for Little A's quilt - borders to come.
Made vegan samosa filling from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.
Made beefless stew from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.
Ran into Kat VonD at PDX on my way to visit my Mom.
Waited in line at the Cheese Board Collective in Berkeley.
That line was for this.
And this was 5 minutes later.
This was dinner from the Cheese Board - 6 hours in traffic there and back, totally worth it.
Made an apple tart.
Had some Two Towns Ciderhouse "Rhubarbarian" while watching Game of Thrones - You know nothing Jon Snow!
Had a layover in Baltimore.
On our way to here.  Emerald Isle, North Carolina.
Played in the surf with the kiddos the first night.
Ate breakfast like this every day - for a week (ignore the beer cans the boys have).
Went to bed with this every night.
Made a retirement gift - messenger bag of my own design with the pony pattern from Regina.
Went to the beach (in Oregon) with Josh and the girls - they're waaaaaay back there.
Here they come.
Almost here!
Here we come Mom!
Oh wait, the water!
Ok, cold enough.
Throw the bumper Dad!
Sat while the dogs watched us eat lunch.
Ate ice cream while O passed out in our laps.
Made Veggie Ramen.
Picked 33 pounds of blueberries at Springbank Farm here in Lebanon.
Dug up a ton of roots and bark dust.
To put down sand and lay stone.
Shamed Annie - not even ripe yet!!!
Made a blueberry pie.
Made a glass paperweight at Jennifer L Sears Glass Art Studio in Lincoln City.
And more.  Just gonna have to find the pictures.  Here's a little bit of what Molly does when I work in the yard.
You'd think I put these chairs together for her.  She did help I guess...
woof woof meow!


  1. Holy crap you've been busy. I feel positively lazy now.

  2. Wow lady. That is a lot of activity. I absolutely love the glass paperweight.

  3. Wow Megan, you are having a fun, fabulous summer!!!! Love all the photos and the two quilts, Nice!!!! The pie looks yummy as did all the other meals!!! See you soon!!

  4. Great pics anwonderful quilts.The foods look delicious.Have a fun summer!!