Sunday, August 5, 2012

WillaMutt Strut, Hexies and Tetris

This weekend was a hot one!  We got over 100 at the house on Saturday and that was in the shade on the front porch.  Early Saturday I loaded up the girls and we headed up the Riverside Park in Salem for the WillaMutt Strut 5K, a benefit for the Willamette Humane Society.  I usually try to two or three things a year for an animal shelter with the girls.  An annual must is the Santa Paws photos in December and I wanted to run with the girls at least once this summer, so we added this to our 5K.  No photos - I had my hands full.  I did finish with a sprained ankle (my first experience with trail running probably shouldn't have been with the dogs too), but the three of us met another GSP that spends time in Sweet Home training and another dog from Lebanon.  Off we went home, I propped up the leg on the couch and got to work on my second block for our Row Robin.
I finished one last weekend.
This month's theme is hexagons.  I love paper piecing, however...English Paper Piecing is a little more than I like - hand stitching is ucky.  The theme of the quilt is an asian fabric, so I decided to do a little bit of hexies and fill the rest with some foundation paper pieced paper cranes.
I pieced five of the cranes in coordinating colors and sashed them in the asian fabric.
Then to add some length since I was just a bit off, I added some stripes of the coordinating fabric.
I finished the second hexie block Sunday around noon.  This is what the finished row looks like (the white cloth is wrinkled - been under a cat!).
Then the power went out Sunday afternoon.  Great.  Just sat down to cut the pieces for my tetris blocks #2 and #3 (I missed week 2 with Mom and Josh here and just got 3 done).  The Tetris blocks are part of a quilt along over at Happy Quilting.  I got all the squares cut, then the heat chased me out the door and downstairs.  I crashed on the couch with the girls for an hour, then the power came back on.  Here's week #2 Tetris Block:
Here's week #3 Tetris Block:
Week #4 starts Tuesday!  I'll have some 9-patches up tomorrow.


  1. The blocks look great. Hope things cool off a bit for you :)

  2. I love the cranes with the hexies.

  3. Hello Annie, I was delighted with his words thank you for your visit, I'm following you. Beautiful things here, good work , congratulations
    Did you see my other blog : just for cats friends?? Send me a photo of your beautiful cat that I put there.
    Good Wednesday

  4. The cranes are gorgeous! I haven't tried English paper piecing, but I do love my hand-piecing.

  5. I like your bright marbles and the black background fabric!

  6. Pretty impressive blocks you are creating-nice job