Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oregon Coast and Glass Blowing

Yay!  I am back :o)  Mom and Josh were both here for almost two weeks so I kept myself busy capitalizing on time with them and away from the blog. 
The big thing we did while Mom
was here was spend a day at the coast.  Due to the shop being closed, Josh being in Denver and Liz being on her cross country trip it was just the two of us this year.  We made an appointment for three items at Jennifer Sears Glass Studio for 1030 so we had some time before we had to be in Lincoln City.  We hit the Cranky Weiner Man's for breakfast burritos, then Starbucks for a cold caffine fix and headed over.  It was pretty overcast, but warm and the roads were clear all the way over.
Since our photographer was off making awesome cross-country wall paper, we don't have any photos of the process (both of us had our hands full), but if you click here you can watch a few slide shows of the process.  Mom was with Andrew (in two of the videos) and made two items:
a star fish paper weight
and a small vase/votive. 
I was with Otto and since I already have a star fish (and one of everything else you can make) so I made a votive which is a new offering this summer. 
After we made our pieces we headed over to Mo's for some chowda and shrimp cocktail.
 Then, on our way back down the coast to Newport we decided to head down to Agate Beach and check out the Japanese Dock that was knocked loose during last year's tsunami and floated all the way over to our little piece of the coast.  I didn't think it would be so far away from the parking lot!  Don't know why I thought it would be close.  But, it was a little bit of a walk. 
On our way I looked down and spotted a lady bug that had taken the day off work to spend some time at the beach too. 
We didn't walk all the way up to it, it was crawling with folks and we could get the photos we wanted from a distance.  You can see how big the dock is in relation to the people around it.  Off in the distance is Yaquina Head where one of the Oregon Coast Lighthouses is located. 
On our way back I had to take a photo, you can see our parking lot over my Mom's shoulder and we are only half-way back to the car! 
When we got home, we relaxed on the front porch and looked back on a great day!
Tomorrow I will have my Pets On Quilts post up!  I've got'em on them and in them!

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  1. Great post. I am glad you and your mom had so much fun at the coast. I never knew you could do glass blowing over there.

    The dock was a hike especially in the deep sand. I too was surprised how far from the parking lot it was.