Sunday, August 26, 2012

Farmers Market, Squash and New Toys

Yesterday the girls and I got up early and went over to Corvallis to get our chores done so we could have the afternoon to relax.  We left at 730 and were home by 11!
We stopped by the Corvallis Farmers Market and the girls were both mooned over again and again and again.  They love it and I am happy they can be taken out into public like this, I always feel guilty leaving them at home so it makes it easier this way :o)  I picked up some more fat tomatoes, some apricots and more canteloupes! 
I got two beef knuckle bones for the girls (not pictured) that they have been chewing on all day long.  I make them keep them outside - I don't want the carpet smelling like raw beef fat - so I have to go out to see them if I miss them for 5 minutes.  I also snapped up some more flowers, just a $2 bundle, but they just make the kitchen perk up.
At Winco they were having a sale on their summer toys so I tossed a couple of those rubber balls they keep in the wire cages - at $0.98 each, they're cheap fun for for the girls.  When we got home I tossed them in the back yard and Oak went bonkers.  Then promptly left them alone.  Figures.
As I am snapping this picture of my squash bed,
I look over and see Annie picking up the orange ball (melt my heart - she picked the right color - GO BEAVS!).
She quickly popped it.
Then she wandered over to the pink ball.
Oak wasn't having any of that and snatched it up, hauling it across the yard where she popped it.
They both seem to have more fun with the popped balls!
Molly hung out in the potted lillies and watched the girls pop their toys.
 At least they had fun!


  1. Fun! Great pictures of the critters and the goodies. The popped balls must be easier to cart around.

  2. i wish here in peru i could buy one of those

  3. Nice to see that all the girls enjoyed the day. The fruits n veggies look awesome, flowers are pretty nice too. Can hardly wait for those grand-dogs to arrive on my doorstep:>> Good to see the new toys were properly "broken-in". thanks for sharing

  4. Awww, who wouldn't love those furry faces? So adorable! Sounds like everyone had a great day. We almost drove to Corvallis. We were looking for covered bridges and decided to turn south on 34. Nice area!