Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trottin' it up - Turkey Style

Today was Turkey Rama in McMinnville!  I participated in the Turkey Trot 5K and had a pretty good time, results will be posted soon.  I have learned, don't believe what the race pages tell you about the course.  It is all lies.  Mostly flat with one gradual hill my foot!  They had a theme - 80's - and I decided to dress the part. 
I bought a t-shirt and neon puffy paints at JoAnn's Fabrics.
I marked and cut out the neck so it would hang off my shoulder.
Then on the front I wrote out the race name and year - not too much on the front since that is where my race bib goes.
When the front was dry I put some paint on my hands and printed turkeys - kindergarten-style!  Fun huh?
I gave each a name too:

If you say it fast it sounds like McMinnville :o)
Then Tina agreed with me that I should fringe the sleeves and voila!
I left at 545am this morning and here is a shot out the garage.
The rest of the trip consisted of driving to Dallas to get a photo for my 36 Counties Collection (see page above).
Then I stopped at Grandma's Attic Sewing Emporium to pick up some scrap bags.  Grabbed a huge omlett at Tater's.  Then rode one of my favorite rides across the valley to Jefferson and stopped in at the Purple Frog to show Kim the Ranger's Pride Quilt and snap up some fat quarters for the guild BOM.  Then it was a quick spin by Springbank Farms to see when they're open for blueberry picking and a stop at Vinnie's Natural Foods to pick up some nutritional yeast (which really does smell like butter).  Home.  Couch or sewing chair?  To ponder....


  1. Awesome!! Love your 80's shirt. And good job on another 5k.

    Oh and I vote for couch.

  2. I LOVE your shirt. YOU LOOK AMAZING CHICKY!!! (: OR should I say Turkey? HE HE HE