Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7 Planter Beds and 7 Yards of Topsoil

This is over two days!
We got early Thursday and went to Willamette Greystone for stone and Home Depot for lumber and gutter supplies.
The backyard was ready - I had spread the bark dust earlier in the week. 
 Doesn't the yard look great!?!
 Even got a rainbow from the sprinklers :o)
 I unloaded the lumber while Josh got some work done: 40 2x8x8 and 10 2x4x8
 This is the front yard where I am going to put the stone down for a little sitting area.
 1200 pounds of flag stone from Willamette Greystone.
 Josh came back out after the lumber was unloaded and did the heavy work for me, did I mention 1200 pounds?!?1
 Now all the stone is stacked, waiting for me to put it down in the front.  Another day!
 Pieces cut and laid out, ready to put together.  O helped a lot.  At first.
 Box #1 all done and ready to go out in the yard!
 Boxes #1 and #2, box #1 partially filled.
 Annie supervising in the sun.
 Doesn't the box look pretty?
 Josh unloaded most of the topsoil and wheeled it back to the beds where he dumped it and I spread it.
 Box #1 is done!
 Box #2 is filled and #3 is ready to go!
 Day two:  #4 is ready to go.
 Oakleigh decided two days was one too many to help, so she just watched.
Boxes #5 and 6 filled. 
 Box #7 - last one ready to be filled!
Took us two days but it was totally worth it.  I still have the front yard to do, we need to put up the gutter when he comes home again and I need to start putting plants in the beds.


  1. wow..that is a lot of manual labor but the fruits of your efforts look AWESOME!! The boxes are welldone..lawn looking great too.

  2. Awesome. Your yard looks so great now. Can't wait to see it after you have the plants in. Are you leaving the boxes 'au natural' or staining the outsides?

    Wish our lawn was that weed free, lol. Meh, ours is rustic.

    Josh looks tired and hot from hauling those stones.

    Nicely done.