Thursday, May 24, 2012

I JUST ... Found the Wocket in My Pocket

Over at her blog, Trobairitz' Tablet, Trobairitz challenged her readers to see what is in their riding gear - what we take with us when we go on a ride.  I figured I better get this out before I get too far behind.  My Joe Rocket Jacket has two outside pockets and two hidden inside and my REV'it Riding Pants have two, but I still don't manage to carry a whole lot - most of what I carry goes in the saddle bags and I am not dumping them for a photo!

What I've got in my jacket: All-Purpose Leatherman Tool, Doublemint (gotta keep the helmet smellin' fresh), phone, lip balm, wallet and ear plugs.
What I've got in my pants:  Ear plug holder w/a set of ear plugs and key for Bella.  Yeah, I have some AFROTC gear - how am I supposed to work there and not have the gear too?!?!

1 comment:

  1. Cool! Not quite a minimalist, but you are no hoarding squirrel like I apparently am, lol.

    Thanks for rising to the blog challenge. Can you come up with the next challenge idea?