Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I JUST ... cooked Chili Macaroni

Chili Macaroni is a lighter, non-cheese version of the regular chili macaroni.  I add a little hunk of cheese at the end when I eat it because I love cheese.  The ingredients - as usual are simple: ground turkey, chopped onions, green beans, diced tomatoes and chilies, tomato juice, chili powder, garlic salt and elbow macaroni.
The first step is to brown the turkey and onions.  Then you add the tomatoes and spices.  When that is bubbling, add the macaroni and beans and cook for 15 minutes.
Here is the finished product with a small hunk of cheese we got at the coast: Tillamook Smoked Cracked Black Pepper White Cheddar.  Uh, can you say yum?
The recipe can be found on the Recipe Tab above.

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