Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ella is home!

Ella is the newest addition to the garage - an all-black 2009 Suzuki GZ250. The same type of bike I learned to ride on in the Team Oregon Basic Rider Training Class.

We bought her September 18th at the same place we got Josh's bike: Cycle Country ( Josh rode her home since it was raining buckets and there was a home game for both OSU and UO so I-5 was a zoo. We drove the back roads and like I said it was pouring but we made good time and I've never been to Stayton or Scio, so it was a first for all kinds of things!

We also bought a helmet and jacket so I could atleast ride Ella when it was nice outside again. I don't plan on being an all-weather rider like Josh is so the pants, boots and heavy-duty gloves can wait until next Spring/Summer. It does smart when the bugs hit my knees and shins though.

I've ridden about 150 miles on her so far - we've been riding for an hour or so after work on clear nights and explored the Brownsville-Crawfordsville-Holley area. We also rode out to McDowell Creek Falls, the first time we've been out there all year! I am looking forward to learning more on her, I am already getting more comfortable and confident (I do catch myself repeating the acronym, SLRP: Slow, Look, Roll, Press, when I approach and execute a turn though). It is starting to get rainy, it being fall in Oregon and all, so I don't expect to get much more time on her, but I am excited for the trips to explore the area when the weather gets better again.

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