Sunday, October 31, 2010

Challenge Quilt - Part Two

I finished the quilt blocks, here they are! They took the rest of the month and I am sure I have been a bear to live with, but I am done and ready to put my quilt in the challenge! Here are the rest of the blocks and their information:

Mama Kass - only one of the five blocks (the largest though!)

Here is the fabric key for her

About two-thirds of the way finished!

A finished Mama Kass that is ready to have her borders put on! I don't really care for the fabric selections that came in the fabic pack, but it works for this quilt and when I do it again (wink wink), I will probably get my own fabric selections.

Zag - one of two zebras, but when all is said and done, I only had time for one!

Fabric selection - I was a little put off by the designer of this pattern. When I ordered the fabric packs, she shorted me on the white fabric (read - totally left it out). I was confused since there were a few conficting requirements on the pattern and instructions so I emailed her. She re-iterated what I knew about what I had but kept insisting that I had all I needed. Turns out, I needed the white just like I thought and I still didn't get a response from her! Grrr. Too bad she does really great patterns or I might be totally turned off.

Zag's pattern was 4 11x17 sheets put together.

Zag's face piece.

Zag finished piece really is BIG.

Giraffe at the Waterhole fabic selection

Giraffe at the Waterhole pattern

For some reason I didn't take a photo of the finished piece, you can see it below with all the other finished blocks and in the next post with the finished quilt.

Beaver fabric selection

Beaver pattern and fabric key

Beaver face - so little!

Finished Beaver piece

All the blocks are done now and ready to have their borders put on and be sized to fit together. This is the arrangement of the six blocks in the quilt.

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